Shearwater Research

Interview with Bruce Partridge: Founder of Shearwater Research

Bruce Partridge, founder of Shearwater Research. Photo courtesy of Bruce Partridge.
Bruce Partridge, founder of Shearwater Research. Photo courtesy of Bruce Partridge.

Bruce Partridge is the founder of Shearwater Research, which makes high-quality dive computers, trimix computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers, with simple and intuitive user interfaces and a reputation for being reliable, user-friendly and easy to read underwater.

Shearwater Research Teric (limited edition)

With the start of a new decade and the Chinese New Year, perhaps that is why Shearwater Research has chosen to issue a limited edition version of their popular 'Teric' watch style computer in this significant colour combination.

Just 2,000

This is the first time that the award-winning Canadian company has released a limited-edition, and the matte gold-coloured bezel and a vivid red strap does look quite special. However, you will need to move fast to get your paws on one because just 2,000 have been manufactured. Each Teric is uniquely numbered and comes with a metal gold-coloured certificate of authenticity signed by Shearwater Research founder, Bruce Partridge.

Charger and Case

The Teric was originally launched two years ago. This version comes with an eye-catching red ballistic travel case and it has a wireless charger.

Shearwater dive computers have earned a much deserved reputation for being easy to use because they feature intuitive menus and interfaces.

Shearwater Research Petrel 2

Shearwater Research Petrel 2 Firmware Update

Some Petrel 2 models with analog PPO2 monitoring require a firmware update to correct offsets to voltage measurements of the O2 sensor channels. Only Petrel 2 models that shipped from the factory with v29 firmware and include analog PPO2 monitoring are affected.

Records exist of the proper calibration values, so the calibration can be loaded into affected units by matching the serial number to the recorded data. Shearwater Desktop software can apply these corrections.

Shearwater Research Moves Offices

Shearwater has just moved to a new location, effective 15th February 2016.

We are in our new building now, but are still struggling with phone and email service, so we ask you to please be patient trying to contact us for the next day or two.

Lynn Partridge, VP Shearwater Research The new address is; Shearwater Research Inc. Unit 250 13155 Delf Place Richmond, BC V6V 2A2 Canada

Shearwater Perdix

Why do I mention this odd ornithological fact? Actually it is not a random comment. The family name of owners of Shearwater Research is 'Partridge'. Shearwater Research decided to mark the start of the new year by launching their latest baby. A new dive computer, aptly called the 'Perdix'. (Love the thinking behind the name!)