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I first reported on 'Bracenet' in February 2019, because it was the only environmental bracelet I had come across up to that date, that has clear provenance. How it is made, and where the profits go!

'Bracenet' has transparency and traceability as to what the bracelet is made from. And of equal importance, it is very clear that '10% of each Bracenet sale' is put into a grant fund, and awarded to Healthy Seas to help finance future ghost fishing removal projects.

The balance of the money goes to shipping the raw ghost fishing gear to the manufacturing base, paying salaries to disabled workers to make the bracelets, the magnetic bracelet fastener, the ethical packaging and day-to-day running costs. Bracenet spends very little money, if any, on marketing, advertising and PR.

Release our oceans from the haunt of the nets: Wear a Bracenet

The 'Galapagos' Bracenet

Bracenet has now announced they will be making just 750 limited edition 'Galapagos' bracelets, with €2 from each bracenet being donated to the 'Charles Darwin Foundation'. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to the conservation of Galapagos and its biodiversity.

The ethical bracelet is manufactured from two pieces of former fishing net, hence every product is unique and may differ slightly from the above photo. The green and blue colours are a nice nod to the unique islands because the colours chosen represent the Galapagos flag. The Bracenet is finished with a stainless steel magnet clasp and finished with a silver stainless tag engraved with a manta ray.

Key Features

  • Nickel-free and water-resistant 300 mt / 984 ft
  • Recycled ghost fishing gear
  • The knots and colour originate from the real net
  • Magnetic stainless steel clasp in blue matt with engraved logo
  • Handmade in Germany

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