HOG Finger Spool

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HOG Finger Spool

August 25, 2013 - 00:00
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Highly Optimized Gear' or HOG manufacture a small, low-profile finger spool. Finger spools can have a variety of uses, the two most common are D-SMB (delayed surface marker buoy) deployment and searching for a lost line, object / anchor or diver.

Finger spools are becoming a more common sight as recreational divers begin to adopt this piece of equipment. It is possibly because a spool is ideal for stashing in a pocket or clipping to a D Ring.

The HOG finger spool is manufactured from ABS plastic. The holes along the side can be used to lock a marine grade 316 stainless steel double ended bolt snap to the spool. Alternatively the diver can make a small loop, sometimes known as a 'Jasper' loop, at the end of the line. This is then threaded through one of the holes and the bolt snap attached to the loop, to stop the spool unwinding.

The 30 metre / 100 foot bright orange line makes it easier for the eye to follow, when diving in low visibility conditions. The line most commonly used for finger spools is braided line, some people call this 'cave line', as opposed to 'wreck line' / .

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