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iDive Tech Computer

January 26, 2014 - 00:00
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It might be hard to believe now, but we didn't always have helium analysers. I remember getting very excited when Dive Rite launched their helium analyser back at the turn of the 21st century.

Nowadays helium analysers are considered a common piece of equipment and many divers have them. Why do I mention this fact? It seems that iDive has delivered the first dive computer watch that you can use for analysing your gas. Simply plug the gas analysing stick into your iDive via a USB connector, and the mix is shown on the watch face.

This Italian made computer is also rechargeable. The Li-ion battery provides 25 days of power in watch mode, or 30 hours in dive mode. Then you simply use a USB connector to charge it at home or in your car. And it is possible to also download your dives too, the PC interface 'Dive Logger' is included.

The user has the option of diving air, nitrox and trimix modes, with eight different gas mixtures and it runs on the Bühlmann ZHL-16B algorithm. It is also possible to freedive with the iDive.

Other features of the stainless steel cased iDive include a compass, an altimeter, a temperature indicator, an audible alarm and a barometer. Finally the data appears to be fairly easy to read courtesy of the large figures and LCD 100% matrix display.

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