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Liberty CCR

February 04, 2015 - 21:08
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CCR Liberty - presented at the BOOT Düsseldorf 2015 - is now available.

According to the press release the main design criteria behind the LIberty rebreather is fault-tolerance. It has been constructed with maximum operating depth 300m in mind. Every part is tested to 600m. It has been designed so no malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus. Having both handset cables severed, HUD cable torn out and a hole in one of the computer compartments it should still work. The CCR Liberty is controlled by two interlinked computers. Each computer has its own battery, two oxygen sensors, a pair of depth and atmospheric pressure sensors, and a helium concentration sensor. Each CU controls a separate solenoid. Even of all four oxygen sensors get damaged at depth oxygen can be measured indirectly using the helium sensors. A 100m the work of breathing is only 1.58 J/l. Training is currently offered through IANTD with some of the other technical diving training agencies to follow shortly.

CCR Liberty is the first rebreather in the world certified without any exceptions or exclusions according to EN 14143:2013.

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