New Mike Scott thriller published today!

Scuba thriller author Eric Douglas has confirmed his 11th book in the Mike Scott thriller series - 'Held Hostage: Search for the Juncal' - has been published today, 15 December 2021.

Scuba thriller author Eric Douglas has confirmed his 11th book in the Mike Scott thriller series
Scuba thriller author Eric Douglas has confirmed his 11th book in the Mike Scott thriller series
Eric Douglas
Publishing Info

Publisher: Visibility Press
Available in: Kindle, Paperback
Published: December 14, 2021

Each Mike Scott thriller novel features the ocean, scuba diving, exotic locations and the environment.

The latest Mike Scott novel (ISBN: 9798784247230) is set off the coast of Mexico, and includes a story line that originally began in Douglas' fifth novel, 'Heart of the Maya'.  To mark the launch of the new book, 'Heart of the Maya: Murder for the Gods' is currently on sale on Amazon UK for a limited time.

It's worth noting that although you don't have to read 'Heart of the Maya' before 'Held Hostage', it does provide additional background so that the readers have a better understanding of the new novel. 

The Synopis (Held Hostage)

Mike Scott character is a magazine photojournalist who travels the world writing stories for a magazine. He is about to get married to the woman he loves - archaeologist Frankie DeMarco - but her kidnapping sets Mike on a collision course with the treasure hunter who took her. The man wants Frankie’s help finding a 400-year-old Spanish shipwreck so Mike sets out to find it first to get her back safely. Word of a secret cargo on board raises the stakes even higher. 

The Nuestra Señora del Juncal is a real treasure ship lost in a storm off the coast of Campeche. The Mexican and Spanish governments are currently searching for it. 

Mike Scott did it again! I mean... Eric Douglas did! A novel with a brain! And a heart. And adrenaline. And scuba diving! Have fun and learn at the same time. Business of Diving Institute

The Synopis (Heart of the Maya)

Murder, kidnapping and the theft of an ancient Mayan statue, both 500 years ago and today, and diving in cenotes on the Mayan Riviera all come into play in this Mike Scott thriller.

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Speaking at his alma mater, Mike Scott learns that the death of a friend 25 years before might not have been an accident. That discovery, and the revelation of who was behind the murder, sends Mike on a hunt to find a missing Mayan statue that contains the “heart of the Maya” before a lunatic drug dealer with delusions of grandeur kills a friend and corrupts the Mayan people.

Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas has been a journalist and writer his entire professional career. Born and raised in West Virginia, he learned to scuba dive in Summersville Lake before moving to California and North Carolina to work in scuba diving. He became a dive instructor and diver medic along the way and has also written about diving for several magazines, including the ongoing Lessons for Life column with Scuba Diving Magazine. 

Held Hostage is Douglas’s 23rd book overall including fiction and nonfiction works. He estimates he has written nearly one million words in the Mike Scott series. The book is now available in softcover and on Kindle.