USS Mohawk wreck turned into u/w art gallery

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USS Mohawk wreck turned into u/w art gallery

July 05, 2013 - 15:45

The USS Mohawk, a historic WWII warship and artificial reef off Florida's Sanibel island, has been transformed into an underwater gallery exhibiting Austrian-born Andreas Franke's 3rd underwater art project

From Viennese artist Andreas Franke's underwater art gallery on the USS Mohawk

Each image measures roughly 2.5 by 3.5 feet and is encased in steel-framed Plexiglas. During their time at sea, the photos will evolve with accumulation of marine life, which will give them a seaworthy patina and life of their own and ennobles the art work to unique pieces, Francke's website states.

In late June 2012 World War II ship the USS Mohawk was scuttled 28 miles off the coast of Sanibel Island. Six charges were placed on the USS Mohawk and detonated at different times, allowing thousands of gallons of water to rush into the ship at once so that it will sit right side up. It is now an artificial reef for divers and anglers and is a veterans memorial.

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