Drysuits & Undergarments

'90Ninety' O'Three Drysuit

Conversely if you are a northern diver, then you are probably going to pull on a Yorkshire Otter t’drysuit. There is also a neoprene / membrane split too. If you want a stonkingly good neoprene drysuit, O’Three has a much-deserved reputation, whilst Otter is the way to go for a membrane suit. Or perhaps I should say "there's now another choice", because times are a’changing. Otter also make neoprene suits whilst O’Three have just taken their first foray into membrane.

Key Features

  • High stretch rip-stop trilaminate material
  • YKK AquaSeal Zip
  • Apeks low profile Auto Dump (choice of position)
  • Apeks low profile swivel inflator
  • The choice of a neoprene or Si-Tech 'QUICK' fast replace ring system (silicone or latex compatible)
  • KUBU Dry Glove System comes as standard
  • Neoprene wrist protection cover
  • Suit can be dived with a wet or dry gloves
  • 4mm lined neoprene 'Pivot' boot c/w reinforced sole, toe and heel and built in fin lug
  • Front entry full telescopic torso<
AT DEMA Fourth Element stated the HALO A°R is “high performance low bulk” and their warmest undersuit to date.

Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit

Their initial foray was in the early noughties when the British manufacturer launched the Xerotherm. This popular two piece base layer has stood the test of time, perhaps because it is made from a lightweight, yet warm material that was originally developed for NASA. (At the time it was the lightest, warmest fabric going). Now the British manufacturer has evolved the HALO. They unveiled the A°R at the 2019 DEMA Show in Orlando with the promise that this high performance low bulk garment is their warmest undersuit to date.

Fourth Element Ellipse Dryglove System

A simple, reliable, ergonomic system, designed to provide an easy solution for dry gloves.

The ergonomic elliptical shape offers a slimmer profile whilst still allowing a larger hand to pass through.

Aligning the glove and suit rings is made easier by an intuitive key system; the gloves are attached by pressing the rings together. A robust nitrile O-ring provides a reliable seal for the gloves which will stay secured throughout the dive.

Removing the gloves is a simple process, using the heel of your hand pop off one side of the glove ring to break the seal.


Waterproof D7X Nylotech Drysuit

Recent development in material and enhanced polymer science has made it possible to perfect the Waterproof D7 concept. Changes were made to make diving in challenging environments a more pleasurable and effortless experience. Nylotech, a new material developed to be softer, yet more resistant to abrasion.

Key Features

  • Warm Neck and Warm Cuffs
  • Kevlar reinforced atomic boot
  • Kevlar reinforced knee pads
  • Si Tech QCS Ring System
  • Plastic free pacvkaging
  • Nine female sizes: XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML Tall, L, L+, XL
  • 16 males sizes: XS, S, M, M+, Medium Tall, ML, ML Tall, L, L+, L Tall, XL, XL Tall, XXL, XXL Tall, XXXL, XXXL+

Waterproof has constructed their D7X drysuit from 'Nylotech'. A new strong, yet soft fabric, that is abrasion proof. (It's actually been tested using the Martindale Method with 200,000 rubs). This has meant that the suit has a slimmer cut and is less bulky than the D7 Pro.

SI Tech Orust Neck Seal System

One day my latex neck seal tore at just the wrong time and I had to bin a dive. It was at the time when it was pretty much impossible to get a latex seal instantly changed in the field. It was a problem that manufacturers took notice of. In the mid to late noughties a couple of solutions were launched. DUI unveiled their ZipSeals, whilst Waterproof worked in partnership with SI TECH to develop the Neck Tite System.

Fourth Element Arctic Expedition

This bio-mapped ceramic printed garment comes in two choices; a one piece (similar in style to the HALO 3D) or the traditional two piece option. Fourth Element has advised that the Arctic Expedition should be a relatively low bulk garment.

The fabric has been resin impregnated for wear resistance, with key panels in the upper body augmented to make them wind and waterproof. Other features include warm hand pockets and a new thumb loop design.