Wrecks of Narvik

The wreck of the Herman Künne starts at the low-water line and goes down to 40 meters depth.

The port of Narvik in north Norway was established around the export of iron-ore from Sweden. This was due to the very good harbour and its ice-free conditions. At the outbreak of World War II, Narvik was a strategically important harbour, and during the first few days of the war a very intense battle was fought out here between German, Norwegian and British naval forces.

Norway: Lyngstøl Lake in Norang Valley

The Norang valley is clothed in pale green birch leaves and sprouting grass, and the mountains rise majestically up in to the clouds. The mountain tops are completely snow covered, and at the foot of the mountains are large masses of stone from both new and older landslides. A small red car with four divers drives slowly down the valley stopping excitedly at each small lake to check the visibility and condition on the bottom.


Land of Fjords & Seas of Plenty. This feature takes your around the country, from the North Cape, via the Lofoten islands, on a wreck safari out of Trondheim and finally to the southern port city of Kristiansand. Diving from the cool arctic to the temperate seas in the south. Norway has more than a few surprises beneath the surface, as well as on land.

Norway: Saltstraumen

The current grabs you as soon as you enter the water. Your first thought, this is going to be a wild one! The adrenalin is flowing as fast in your veins as the currents is flowing past kelp covered rocks. Diving the strongest malstroem on the planet is not for the fainthearted. It is extremely fun though!