Washington State

Washington State's Hood Canal

Over ten years have past since my last dive in Hood Canal. I’m not sure why, probably because I’ve been so focused on exploring the pristine waters of British Columbia that the extra effort of driving so far south has always deterred me. But when Adventures Down Under, a dive shop in Bellingham, invited me to join their group for a Hood Canal dive charter, I was too curious to say anything but yes.

San Juan Islands

very now and then I get an assignment close to home, which means my dive buddy and I can usually load up the car with dive and photography gear, and maybe a kayak or two, and head out for a full weekend of adventurous exploring. If the location is exceptional, like an assignment to dive in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, we often allocate several days to experience all that’s available.

Are Puget Sound Orcas starving to death?

As salmon runs decline, killer whale numbers take their hardest hit since the 1990s. Seven Puget Sound orcas most likely died this year.

Two of the resident orca families from Puget sound —L and K pods—have been seen in recent years feeding off the California coast in the winter. That was unheard of before early this decade, leading scientists to speculate they are driven to swim hundreds of miles just to meet their minimum nutritional requirements.

The Washington Scuba Alliance

You may not have ever heard of WSA, but you may have walked down stairs they helped build, dove underwater parks they helped clean up or to some degree maintain, or you may have gained access to dive sites that WSA helped ensure would retain open access to all.

WSA does this strictly as dedicated volunteers and the money used for their various projects are from membership donations as well as outside public and private sources. They also work closely with government agencies such as the Department of Fish and Wild Life, Washington State Parks, and NOAA to make them happen.