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A deep dive into the diving talks

Thu, 08/04/2021 - 18:22

The objective of the DIVING talks organization is to ramp up a different type of event. A much more immersive experience with spaces and moments where the show happens: speakers and attendees network, and brands communicate.

The "Talks" won't be confined to the classic in-room format; speakers can present their talks in one of the different "stages" available.



Tomorrow is #GUEUnityDay2020

"We are really excited because for the first time ever, GUE communities from around the world will gather together this weekend to celebrate our love for diving.

"This has been a unique year—each of us has experienced stress and challenges. We thought it was time to bring a bit of joy to our community of passionate scuba divers," stated Dorota Czerny.

Live Stream Schedule

Session 1: 06:00 - all times shown are GMT

Session 2: 12:00 noon - all times shown are GMT

#RF3: Diving with Rebreathers

Richard Pyle is an early adopter of technical-diving practices and is known around the world as a rebreather diver and designer. He is a highly respected Ichthyologyist (in plain English a scientist who studies fish) and he has discovered many new species of fish.

A dive with a profound effect

When Richard Pyle was 19 he was living and diving the western Pacific Ocean off Palau. During his time there he suffered a very serious case of decompression sickness and became quadriplegic.

#RF3: Anatomy of a CCR Dive: A Comparison / Contrast

RF3 was convened primarily as a platform for discussion of various issues that may have an impact on the safety of diving with rebreathers. It was attended by many expert presenters and rebreather divers who contributed to these discussions.

It was recognised however that the forum would also attract some divers who were not rebreather users, but who were perhaps contemplating purchasing one, or simply interested in learning about them. For this reason the program included this presentation on the basics of rebreather devices.