Post event reports

The 2020 edition of DEMA Show turned out to be a sinker

DEMA Show 2020 … what a bellyflop!

This review comes on the coat tails of the other virtual dive show, Scuba.Digital, which we attended a few weeks prior and the conclusions are just about the same; The conference component in which attendees can listen into a range of webinar-style presentations worked reasonably well.

The rest of it, however, such as networking activities which is an essential part and, to entities like ourselves, the most important aspect of taking part in dive shows, absolutely did not.

Screenshot of presentation in progress on the main 'stage'; Rick Walker, GUE, talks about bringing wrecks back to life. Ricks presentation was one of better ones and an example of how to make it look good.

Inaugural Scuba.Digital imperfect, but concept holds promise

During the event I sat into several great presentations, and it was a valuable learning experience setting up, preparing and taking part in the exhibit. Being the first dive event, of this size and scope, some teething problems were to be expected not just on the part of the organisers but the many presenters and visitors who frequently grappled with getting their tech – their webcams, microphones, speakers, etc – to work.