Sick Starfish

Laura James, Rosemary E Lunn, XRay Magazine
Laura James with her 2015 Emmy Award

'Solving the Mystery of Dying Starfish' wins Emmy for Laura James

I have environmental stories about Puget Sound that once heard, can help make a positive difference

The award was presented on June 6 for her underwater video work on Solving the Mystery of Dying Starfish produced by KCTS9's Katie Campbell and edited by Michael Werner. (We reported on the Sick Starfish syndrome in March 2014, page 5).


“It was wonderful to see the team recognised for their continued excellence in the field of environmental reporting," stated Laura James. "This was my third year attending the Emmy's and second year taking home an award for my contribution to a great story. The starfish story is special to me because I was directly involved in the event; documenting and helping build a citizen science reporting website related to the crisis. It really felt personal.