Expired sensors from an Inspiration CCR

Oxygen sensor shortage leaves rebreather divers high and dry

Oxygen sensors, or "cells," which are used in rebreathers have a limited shelf life and need to be replaced every 12 to 18 months. However, new ones are currently not available to the dive community.

In the United Kingdom, oxygen cell manufacturers have been mandated by the UK government to supply cells to the medical industry, leaving the dive community with back orders.

Going Through the Paces of GUE’s CCR1 Course

Adam Hanlon pic
The GUE JJ CCR setup provides a swift and efficient bailout option. If equipped with a BOV, a twist gives access to 14 litres of back gas. This provides plenty of time to make crucial decisions and to figure out what to do next!

I completed a Module 1 course on the Inspiration Classic back in the late ‘90s but found that my limited ability meant that maintaining situational awareness while also having to continually monitor handsets was very difficult. In the early 2000s, I also did a series of technical diving courses with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), and I still rate these lessons as the most significant dive training that I have ever undertaken.

From the Tip of an Iceberg to My Tap Water: Diving the Arctic Underworld and the St Lawrence River

Lasselin descends down the wall of a giant iceberg in Arctic waters. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Lasselin.

Award-winning underwater cinematographer and documentary producer Nathalie Lasselin reflects upon her dive expeditions in the Arctic and her epic project to raise awareness about the state of fresh water in the St Lawrence River, closer to home in Montreal.

What exactly is meant by "Rebreather Friendly"?

“Rebreather Friendly” dive centres—what exactly does this mean? With emerging technologies becoming more mainstream in the diving world these days, more and more people are making the investment in rebreathers. Everyone knows the advantages of these pieces of kit—extended dive time capabilities, reduced gas usage, quieter and less obtrusive to the aquatic world, etc. But are dive operators thinking on the same lines?

Simon Mitchell, Neal Pollock, rebreather sorb, X-Ray, Rosemary E Lunn, Mike Young, Divetech, Innerspace, sorb duration
KISS' Mike Young filling his scrubber cannister with fresh sorb @ Divetech's Inner Space

Rebreather Sorb Research Unveiled

This information is needed because a number of divers use Spherasorb in their APD units.

APD recommend that divers should use Sofnolime 797 in their unit - the APD rebreathers are designed and tested using this sorb. However there are times when divers will use an alternative sorb due to cost, availability and / or because of perceived advantages in work of breathing or endurance.

Poseidon M28 dive computer, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn
An M28 On A Divers Arm

Poseidon M28 Computer Update

"Due to changes in certification standards and changes in approvals of key electronics components that in turn have led to delays in the CE certification process, the expected delivery time for the first batch of M28 Computers will now be in August.

We sincerely apologize for this delay, however it is out of our hands and we are doing everything we can to keep things moving forward swiftly."