Shipwreck "Adella Shores" Found in Lake Superior After 112 Years

Shipwreck "Adella Shores" Found in Lake Superior After 112 Years

The discovery of the intact century-old shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Superior was made by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society.

Shipwreck "Adella Shores" Found After 112 Years

The "Adella Shores" disappeared in 1909 during a routine voyage across Lake Superior, carrying a crew of 14 and a full cargo. Despite extensive searches, no trace was found until now. The shipwreck was uncovered using modern sonar technology, revealing the ship almost perfectly preserved on the lake’s cold, dark floor.

The discovery was facilitated by advancements in underwater sonar equipment that provided high-resolution images of the lakebed. This technology has proven indispensable in locating shipwrecks that have eluded searchers for decades. The clear images obtained allowed researchers to identify the "Adella Shores" conclusively.

State of Preservation

Remarkably, the "Adella Shores" was found largely intact. Experts attribute this exceptional preservation to the cold, fresh waters of Lake Superior, which are known for their ship-preserving qualities. This condition offers a unique snapshot of early 20th-century naval architecture and maritime trade.

The finding of the "Adella Shores" contributes significantly to our understanding of shipping practices and challenges in the Great Lakes during the early 1900s. It also sheds light on the dangers faced by those who navigated these waters, often under treacherous conditions.

Future Research and Conservation

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society plans further explorations and detailed mappings of the site, which will provide valuable data for historians and archaeologists. Preserving the site and its artefacts for educational and memorial purposes is also a priority, to honour the memory of the crew who perished.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society