DAN Introduces Continuing Education for Dive Professionals

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DAN Introduces Continuing Education for Dive Professionals

Press Release

Divers Alert Network (DAN), the world’s leading dive safety organization, has launched a new program called Continuing Education for Dive Professionals.


About DAN - The world’s most recognized and respected dive safety organization, Divers Alert Network (DAN), has remained committed to the health and well-being of divers for more than 40 years. The organization’s research, medical services, and global-response programs create an extensive network that supports divers with vital services such as injury prevention, educational programs, and lifesaving evacuations. Every year, hundreds of thousands of divers around the world look to DAN as their dive safety organization. Join the DAN community or learn more at DAN.org.


This free program focuses on risk mitigation and is now available to all dive professionals via DAN E-Learning. DAN expects this program will not only enhance divers’ safety but will also help reduce dive operators’ liability risk.

To encourage participation, DAN is offering discounted premiums on individual professional liability and group professional liability insurance to all DAN members who complete the e-learning, which can be done in about an hour. 

Any DAN member who has completed the e-learning will be able to claim a discount of nearly 5% on their annual liability policy. This is in addition to the 5% discount that DAN members already receive. 

If you are on a group professional liability policy, your completion of the e-learning may count toward a discount on the group professional liability premium. 

This year we partnered with Tec Clark to create the content of the program. In the future, we will combine Tec’s material with new material created by DAN. 

Click here to learn more and access the e-learning. 

To qualify for the discount, the e-learning must be completed before you renew your professional liability insurance policy. Refunds will not be given. 

We hope you find this program educational and worthwhile. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact DAN at liabilityinsuance@dan.org